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Cliqogram distributes your brand messages, campaigns, and content to our Cliq of active micro-influencers who publish your content on their pages for 48 hrs, targeting all the attention to your profile and business.

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While we know that organic reach and engagement keeps dropping by the day, we have built the perfect solution to help businesses run better campaigns through collaboration.

Micro Influencer Marketing is Changing the face for Social Media Marketing

Imagine how cool it would be to see over 500 active Instagram users with a minimum of 1000 followers share you brand messages within 24 hours. You can always be sure to find your brand on the Instagram Explore Page.

There’s a lot of growth opportunities in Micro Influencer Marketing for brands today and we have made it possible with Cliqogram.

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With Cliqogram you can be sure that real people are seeing your content and engaging with your brand on Instagram. What makes it really cool is the fact that people buy more through recommendations from Micro influencers they follow and trust.

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Discover how you can earn money from the reach and engagements you can generate from your followers by sharing content from Instagram Businesses and Brands.